Pet products arizona – service, replacement, installation

Our pets are part of the family. We always want what is best for them and to make them comfortable. We know that maintaining and protecting your household is important as well. Protect your screen door mesh from scratches and damage with a strong a pet grill. Having a harmonious life at home with your pet is golden. Let Kraft make that happen for you.

Pet Mesh

Phifer Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than regular insect mesh. Pet Screens will resist damages from dog and cat claws. Pet Screens are made of strong vinyl- coated Polyester and it has excellent outward visibility.

Pet Grill

Pet Grills are installed on the outside of Patio Sliding Screen doors to help protect the insect mesh from being damaged by dogs or cats. Pet Grills are also extremely useful in preventing damage caused by children. Pet Grills fasten directly to the frame of the door and they cover the lower 33″ of the door.