Multi-Slide Door Installation

Kraft Screen & Door is recognized as one of the most trusted companies for installing multi-slide doors for new construction in the State of Oregon. Kraft’s install technicians are certified and trained as master installers. Kraft has partnered with some of the largest door manufacturers and builders in the Portland/Salem markets. Our customers have “piece of mind” that their doors are installed correctly the first time.

Multi-Slide doors can be very large and the panels can be very heavy. These types of doors need to be handled and installed precisely to specs. Let the experts at Kraft do all the heavy lifting. Kraft will make sure your door openings are water proofed and sealed tight to any weather exposure. The doors will be plumb level and square for the perfect fit and operation. Not to mention the hardware will work smooth and effortlessly. Call your Kraft installation team today for a free consultation of your project.

Also ask us how we can screen these openings with our large wall opening screens made specifically to cover these types of doors.